Léargas Security provides security monitoring platforms for commercial and government organizations internationally, empowering organizations in North America and Ireland to successfully reduce the potential impacts of cyberthreats by rapidly detecting, responding to, and neutralizing those events as they happen.

The Léargas platform combines network traffic and behavior analytics (NTBA), security automation & orchestration (SAO), User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), and Physical Security correlation in a single end-to-end solution.

Léargas, built for security professionals by security professionals, serves as a foundation for the Converged Security Operations Center, with its cloud-native approach.

Léargas solves a multitude of problems including insider threat management, compliance verifications, malware activity detections, zero-day detections, network performance management, and network-based and client-based e-discovery. Additionally, Léargas directly correlates cloud-service logs and vulnerability scan metrics, providing customers with full visibility of the cyberthreats leveraged against their distributed assets.

With the Léargas API, the extensibility of the platform is limitless.

Léargas's appliances are readily available in hardware, virtual machine, AWS-based deployments.