We are excited to announce that Patrick Kelley, one of the esteemed founders of Léargas Security, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming TechAdvantage 2024 Conference. This prestigious event is scheduled to take place in San Antonio, Texas, on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024.

Patrick's talk, titled "Where to Focus Your Cooperative's Limited Cybersecurity Budget," promises to be a highlight for professionals grappling with budget constraints in the cybersecurity domain, especially within energy cooperatives.

Preview of the Talk

As energy cooperatives face the looming challenge of an economic recession, the allocation of funds towards cybersecurity becomes a subject of critical importance. Patrick Kelley's presentation aims to address this issue head-on, guiding cooperatives on how to effectively utilize their limited cybersecurity budgets.

Key Points of the Presentation:

  1. Prioritizing Powerful Defense Controls: The talk will delve into the identification of cybersecurity controls that provide a robust defense mechanism against emerging and existing digital threats. Patrick will elucidate which controls are essential and how to prioritize them within a tightening budget.
  2. Ensuring Functionality of Controls: It's not just about having controls in place; it's equally vital to ensure they work as intended. This segment of the presentation will focus on methods to verify the effectiveness of these cybersecurity measures, providing insights into regular audits, testing, and updates.
  3. Automation of Defense and Verification: In an era where efficiency is key, Patrick will discuss how cooperatives can leverage automation. This approach not only streamlines the implementation of cybersecurity defenses but also the ongoing process of verifying their effectiveness, thus saving time and resources.

Why Attend?

Patrick Kelley's insights are grounded in extensive experience and a deep understanding of cybersecurity challenges faced by energy cooperatives. This presentation is a must-attend for those looking to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity investment, particularly in times of economic constraint. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on how to allocate their limited resources effectively, ensuring the maximum level of security for their cooperative.

Join us at TechAdvantage 2024 to benefit from this enlightening talk and to engage with other professionals in the field. Let's work together towards a more secure and resilient cyber future for our energy cooperatives.

About Léargas Security: Léargas Security stands at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions to protect organizations from digital threats. Our team, led by industry experts like Patrick Kelley, is committed to advancing the security posture of organizations globally.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Léargas Security. We look forward to seeing you at TechAdvantage 2024!