In the modern pursuit of swift and effective response durations, the automation of security protocols is vital. However, contemporary XDR solutions present a high level of complexity, requiring substantial time and financial investment to initiate and realize value. Businesses are in search of a more straightforward method to oversee security detection and response—one that doesn't necessitate intensive management, coding endeavors, or strain the restricted resources of analysts. Léargas XDR serves to mitigate these obstacles.


Enhance Performance Throughout Security Operations


Given the myriad aspects to oversee, contemporary security squads often embody a high degree of complexity, with several teams collaborating to shield the organization from cyber threats. Léargas XDR amalgamates the complete XDR suite — incorporating all your pre-existing tools — into a single potent platform. This synergizes value across all security domains, equipping each team with the necessary tools to enhance results and diminish cyber risk.


Utilizing Léargas XDR, you are enabled to:


Accelerate Incident Response (IR): Streamlined IR procedures and automation instruments significantly reduce the average time security teams take to respond to security incidents (MTTR), shifting from hours to mere minutes.


Facilitate informed decisions: Léargas XDR grants security chiefs a comprehensive view of their operational environment and potential threats, aiding in the prioritization and formulation of knowledgeable, risk-assessed decisions.