The current landscape of XDR solutions introduces a high degree of complexity, demanding significant time and financial resources to deploy and extract value. Government agencies are actively seeking a more simplified approach to managing security detection and response—a strategy that avoids the need for cumbersome management, extensive coding efforts, or overburdening limited analyst resources. Léargas XDR steps in to alleviate these challenges.


Optimize Effectiveness Across Governmental Security Operations


In managing the numerous facets that require attention, modern security teams within government bodies frequently operate in highly complex environments, with multiple units working together to protect the organization from cyber threats. Léargas XDR integrates the entire spectrum of XDR solutions — providing additional enrichment — into a singular powerful platform. This fosters cohesion and value across all security spheres, arming each team with the vital tools to elevate outcomes and minimize cyber risks.


Utilizing Léargas XDR, you are enabled to:


Expedite Incident Response (IR): Utilizing streamlined IR strategies and automation tools, security teams can notably decrease the median time required to respond to security incidents (MTTR), reducing the response time from hours to just minutes.


Promote enlightened decision-making: Léargas XDR provides security leaders with a holistic perspective of their operational landscape and impending threats, facilitating the prioritization and crafting of well-informed, risk-evaluated decisions.