From grappling with insufficient visibility to navigating a persistent skills deficit, MSSPs encounter significant obstacles. The multi-tenant XDR platform of Léargas XDR equips MSSPs to propose contemporary, distinct security services, all while granting unambiguous visibility across client landscapes and facilitating a quicker, more efficient response.


Enhance Results, Minimize Resource Expenditure


Léargas XDR facilitates the seamless provision of premier services across diverse customer settings while substantially decreasing the time invested in numerous security tasks.


Utilizing Léargas XDR, you can:


Oversee multiple clients: The multi-tenant infrastructure and flexible deployment alternatives of Léargas XDR simplify the process of providing top-notch security and response services across varied customer landscapes.
Uphold and Monitor SLAs: Its robust reporting features and customer access portal streamline the task of monitoring SLAs and allow for swift adjustments as necessary.
Extend resource efficacy: The existing skills gap and the imperative to control expenses exert immense stress on MSSPs. Léargas XDR's automation, Generative AI, and integration facilities cumulatively save thousands of hours annually.