New Release: How To Be Human


Léargas Security is proud to announce the 7th commercial version of our converged security platform! "How To Be Human" (aka as "Addie's) represents a monumental overhaul of our platform focusing on core internal improvements and greater extensibility.


Okta provides secure identity management with single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, lifecycle management and more.

The Léargas platform can now be configured and integrated with Okta. Once configured, the Léargas platform ingests and parses all audit data in order to provide advanced threat detection and provide an automated, actionable response to the customer.


Léargas integrates with the Box suite to stream security event logs and alerts to the Léargas platform for threat detection and actionable response. Léargas protects the Box suite by streaming security events, logs, and alerts to the Léargas platform which then applies threat intelligence to deliver a time-sensitive actionable response.


The Léargas platform now integrates with Duo Security to stream authentication and endpoint telemetry and alerts to the Léargas platform. The Léargas platform applies threat intelligence and user entity behavior analytics to detect malicious and high-risk logins.


The Léargas platform now supports full integration with WatchGuard Firewalls will stream security event logs to the Léargas platform. At that point, Léargas creates automated threat detection and actionable response.


Sophos XG Firewalls are now fully integrated into the Léargas platform with the goal of detecting cybersecurity threats and providing actionable response to prevent attempted attacks.

Vulnerability Scans:

Léargas can now ingest and correlate data several popular vulnerability scanners.

With this platform addition, Léargas provides a visual representation of vulnerabilities detected in the environment. The Léargas platform also ties real-time threat analysis with reported hosts.

Supported Vulnerability Scanners - OpenVAS, Nessus, Qualys, and NMAP

Google Workspace Analytics:

The Léargas platform now streams Google Workspace audit data directly into the workspace that enables data analysts and IT administrators to review the data they need to get their organization more productive and secure.

With this addition, organizations can gather a list of users and their attributes from the G Suite Directory. This is further extended with the ability to perform auditing of the entire Google Workspace.

Zeek Improvements: Since Day #1, network protocol inspection has been performed by Zeek.

The Léargas platform includes the most recent version of Zeek with several improvements in clustering for high-bandwidth environments. Additionally, all Léargas behavioral detections are included in your subscription to the Léargas platform.