New Release: Warrior’s Code!

Today's release started out with just a handful of new features planned, but as usual, the team just couldn't help themselves from going all in. Perhaps it was the release name that inspired them to challenge themselves; if so we will need to add more battle oriented release names to our road-map because the end result is incredible!

Léargas Security is very proud to announce the latest release of Léargas, Warrior's Code!

SIP Traffic - Voice over IP isn't anything new, but many network monitoring platforms lack even basic visibility into this vast data-set. Léargas lifts the curtain on SIP Traffic giving our customers the ability to view, aggregate, monitor and alert on detailed call information. Finally a way to see who is meeting their call quotas, and who is just wasting company time!

Optimized Data Collection - The Dark web is pretty big and the Deep web is even bigger!  Léargas is always expanding its data collection efforts in these nefarious places so our development team took steps to make our processes faster than ever. Because the faster we can find credible intelligence, the faster we can react to limit potential damages.

Forum Analysis - Taking advantage of our freshly optimized data collection process, Léargas now scans online forums including 4chan and 8chan for breach and personal threat information. These forums have become hot spots for posting breach data and are among the most active places where anonymous users share their harmful real world intentions.

Extended Sentiment Analysis - Léargas Security introduced Sentiment Analysis for our Social Network ingests in the Road Apples release. Warrior's Code takes it even further extending the functionality to all of our data collection processes, providing additional insight to our clear web, dark web, deep web and new online forum feeds.

Fraud Detection Analysis - As part of our data collection enrichment process Warrior's Code introduces Fraud Detection Analysis on all data ingests to highlight valuable data points such as email addresses, social security numbers and credit card information to help combat identity theft on behalf of our clients.

OCR - As part of our data collection process Léargas Security has come across an additional layer of obfuscation used by threat actors, simply posting valuable data to short lived images that are not visible to text based scans. This hidden information is so potentially valuable that our development team decided to extend all of our data collection processes with optical character recognition! Léargas now has the ability to read the text embedded in images and process it in the same way we do everything else!

New Threat Detections - With every release Léargas Security extends its library of threat detections to address the current threat climate and needs of our clients. Warrior's Code is no different introducing six new scripts to our arsenal to detect incoming cloud traffic from major cloud providers, use of remote desktop software VNC, unsecured databases, TFTP and IPMI traffic.

Infrastructure Upgrades - Léargas Security has also been hard at work making architectural upgrades to our equipment to increase our ingest and query speeds far beyond our current needs. Although these upgrades may not be directly seen in the platform as features, they can certainly be experienced.

New Visualizations - We have also worked to extend our visualization library to include network diagrams making data relationships easy to see and highlight trends and anomalies that could be otherwise difficult to spot.