We are excited to announce that our very own Patrick Kelley, co-founder of Léargas Security, will be presenting at the upcoming NRECA Co-Op Cyber Tech Conference. The event will take place in Arlington, VA from June 11 to June 13, 2024.


About the Conference


The NRECA Co-Op Cyber Tech Conference is a premier event that brings together cybersecurity professionals, technology experts, and industry leaders to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in the field of cybersecurity. This year’s conference promises to be a dynamic and informative gathering, with a focus on advancing cybersecurity practices within cooperative organizations.

Patrick Kelley’s Presentation

Patrick Kelley, known for his extensive experience and insightful perspectives in cybersecurity, will be sharing his expertise on the following topics:


  • Mental Health and Sustainable Practices in Cybersecurity: Leveraging his firsthand experience with mental illness for over 25 years, Patrick’s talk will delve into the unique mental health challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals and entrepreneurs. This session emphasizes the need for a proactive approach in managing these issues and will cover specific stressors inherent in the cybersecurity industry, such as the constant threat of breaches and rapid technological changes.
  • Strategies to Prevent Burnout: Discussing practical approaches to create supportive work environments, promote mental health awareness, and encourage work-life balance among cybersecurity professionals. The session will highlight practical strategies for individuals and organizations to foster a healthy mental state, ranging from self-care to mindfulness.
  • Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions: Highlighting the latest advancements and best practices in protecting critical infrastructure and sensitive data.

This presentation is not just an informative talk but an interactive experience, designed for cybersecurity professionals at all levels. It offers valuable tools (some quite quirky) and resources, equipping attendees with the knowledge to prioritize and manage mental health effectively in their high-stress work environments.


Join Us


We invite you to join us at the NRECA Co-Op Cyber Tech Conference to gain valuable insights from Patrick Kelley and other industry experts. This is a fantastic opportunity to network with professionals, learn about cutting-edge technologies, and enhance your organization’s cybersecurity strategies.


Stay tuned for more updates and detailed information about Patrick’s presentation schedule. We look forward to seeing you there!


For more information about the conference and to register, please visit the NRECA Co-Op Cyber Tech Conference website.