Patrick Kelley, CEO of Léargas Security, is set to take the stage at the upcoming Cooperative Technologies Conference and Expo (CTCE) in Wilmington, NC, on August 14-16, 2024. Kelley will address a critical issue facing energy cooperatives: "Where to Focus Your Cooperative's Limited Cybersecurity Budget." Kelley's forthcoming presentation is anticipated to provide vital guidance for effectively allocating scarce cybersecurity resources.


Kelley, renowned for his expertise and straightforward approach, eschews product pitches in favor of sharing valuable insights, a quality that resonates deeply within the industry. This approach garners immense trust and respect, as highlighted by one enthusiastic future attendee: "I'm looking forward to your talk. You never pitch products, you always share so much valuable information."


The presentation will meticulously dissect cybersecurity investments into three primary areas, offering a strategic roadmap for cooperatives grappling with budget constraints. Kelley will emphasize the importance of 1) implementing controls that form a robust defense against cyber threats, 2) ensuring that these controls function as intended, and 3) developing capabilities that automate both these defenses and their verification processes. This structured approach provides a clear and effective strategy for cooperatives to maximize their cybersecurity efforts with limited resources.


The insights that Patrick Kelley will share at CTCE are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the cybersecurity strategies of energy cooperatives. The team at Léargas Security remains committed to supporting these organizations in their ongoing efforts to safeguard their digital assets and infrastructure.


For those planning to attend the presentation or interested in the key points, stay tuned for further updates and resources on our website.