Comprehensive Data Harvesting and Centralized SOC Coordination


In the fast-paced and continually evolving landscape of cyber threats, the Léargas XDR stands as a beacon of advanced security, constantly working to stay ahead of potential attackers. This platform goes beyond mere data collection; it employs a strategic approach to correlate the amassed data with the latest threat intelligence available in the cyber sphere. This proactive strategy allows for deep insights into the strategies and tactics of threat actors, dissecting their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) before they have the chance to launch an attack on your organization.


Léargas XDR is constructed to be a forward-thinking shield, characterized by its anticipatory and not just reactionary defenses. Through an extensive network of intelligence sources, it crafts a rich and detailed narrative, offering a clear portrayal of the potential strategies and methodologies employed by cyber adversaries.


A few of the threat intelligence sources that are provided with the Léargas XDR platform include: Amnesty NSO Domains, Cyber_Threat_Coalition_Domain_Blacklist, Abuse-CH ipblocklist, Abuse-CH malware, AAbuse-CH threatfox ip, Abuse-ch-urlhaus, Abuse-ja3-fingerprints, Alienvault, Atomspam, Binarydefense, Censys, Cloudzy, Cobaltstrike, Compromised-ips, Ellio, Fangxiao, Illuminate, Inversion, Lockbit, Openphish, Predict, Ragnar, Rutgers, Salesforce, SANS, Scumbots, Stalkerware, and TOR exit nodes.