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Léargas XDR for EMCs

Current XDR solutions bear a significant degree of intricacy, demanding considerable time and monetary resources to launch and derive benefits. EMCs are seeking a simpler approach to managing security detection and response—a strategy that doesn't demand heavy management, programming efforts, or burden the limited capacities of analysts. Léargas XDR acts as a solution to these challenges.

Boost Efficiency Across Security Operations for EMCs and Energy Cooperatives

Given the multifaceted nature of the responsibilities at hand, contemporary security units in EMCs and energy cooperatives frequently encounter substantial complexity, involving numerous teams working in tandem to safeguard the organization from cyber threats. Léargas XDR consolidates the entire XDR assortment — including all your current tools — into a unified, powerful platform. This approach fosters synergy across all security sectors, providing each team with the essential tools to amplify results and reduce cyber vulnerability.

Utilizing Léargas XDR, you are enabled to:

Hasten Incident Response (IR): By employing streamlined IR strategies and automation tools, you can markedly decrease the median time security teams require to respond to security incidents (MTTR), moving from several hours to just minutes.

Make well-informed decisions: Léargas XDR offers security leaders a panoramic insight into their operational surroundings and looming threats, assisting in the prioritization and crafting of insightful, risk-calibrated decisions.

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Léargas XDR for the Enterprise

In the modern pursuit of swift and effective response durations, the automation of security protocols is vital. However, contemporary XDR solutions present a high level of complexity, requiring substantial time and financial investment to initiate and realize value. Businesses are in search of a more straightforward method to oversee security detection and response—one that doesn't necessitate intensive management, coding endeavors, or strain the restricted resources of analysts. Léargas XDR serves to mitigate these obstacles.

Enhance Performance Throughout Security Operations

Given the myriad aspects to oversee, contemporary security squads often embody a high degree of complexity, with several teams collaborating to shield the organization from cyber threats. Léargas XDR amalgamates the complete XDR suite — incorporating all your pre-existing tools — into a single potent platform. This synergizes value across all security domains, equipping each team with the necessary tools to enhance results and diminish cyber risk.

Utilizing Léargas XDR, you are enabled to:

Accelerate Incident Response (IR): Streamlined IR procedures and automation instruments significantly reduce the average time security teams take to respond to security incidents (MTTR), shifting from hours to mere minutes.

Facilitate informed decisions: Léargas XDR grants security chiefs a comprehensive view of their operational environment and potential threats, aiding in the prioritization and formulation of knowledgeable, risk-assessed decisions.

Léargas XDR for the Government

The current landscape of XDR solutions introduces a high degree of complexity, demanding significant time and financial resources to deploy and extract value. Government agencies are actively seeking a more simplified approach to managing security detection and response—a strategy that avoids the need for cumbersome management, extensive coding efforts, or overburdening limited analyst resources. Léargas XDR steps in to alleviate these challenges.

Optimize Effectiveness Across Governmental Security Operations

In managing the numerous facets that require attention, modern security teams within government bodies frequently operate in highly complex environments, with multiple units working together to protect the organization from cyber threats. Léargas XDR integrates the entire spectrum of XDR solutions — providing additional enrichment — into a singular powerful platform. This fosters cohesion and value across all security spheres, arming each team with the vital tools to elevate outcomes and minimize cyber risks.

Utilizing Léargas XDR, you are enabled to:

Expedite Incident Response (IR): Utilizing streamlined IR strategies and automation tools, security teams can notably decrease the median time required to respond to security incidents (MTTR), reducing the response time from hours to just minutes.

Promote enlightened decision-making: Léargas XDR provides security leaders with a holistic perspective of their operational landscape and impending threats, facilitating the prioritization and crafting of well-informed, risk-evaluated decisions.

Léargas XDR for MSSPs

From grappling with insufficient visibility to navigating a persistent skills deficit, MSSPs encounter significant obstacles. The multi-tenant XDR platform of Léargas XDR equips MSSPs to propose contemporary, distinct security services, all while granting unambiguous visibility across client landscapes and facilitating a quicker, more efficient response.

Enhance Results, Minimize Resource Expenditure

Léargas XDR facilitates the seamless provision of premier services across diverse customer settings while substantially decreasing the time invested in numerous security tasks.

Utilizing Léargas XDR, you can:

Oversee multiple clients: The multi-tenant infrastructure and flexible deployment alternatives of Léargas XDR simplify the process of providing top-notch security and response services across varied customer landscapes.

Uphold and Monitor SLAs: Its robust reporting features and customer access portal streamline the task of monitoring SLAs and allow for swift adjustments as necessary.

Extend resource efficacy: The existing skills gap and the imperative to control expenses exert immense stress on MSSPs. Léargas XDR's automation, Generative AI, and integration facilities cumulatively save thousands of hours annually.


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