In a fast-evolving world where technology stands as the backbone of numerous sectors, bringing together industry professionals to foster collaboration and growth is not just a necessity, but a mission to advance the industry further. The Georgia EMC Technology Association, an esteemed body with a focused approach to fostering excellence in the field of information technology, continues its long-standing tradition of promoting learning and collaboration with its upcoming Fall Meeting scheduled for September 20-22, 2023. This year, we are thrilled to announce Leargas Security as the proud sponsor of this promising event.

Aligning Vision with Leargas Security

Leargas Security, a renowned name in the security landscape, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Their commitment to providing secure technological solutions aligns seamlessly with the Association's mission to foster growth and proficiency among technology professionals working in member cooperatives.

This collaboration is a testament to Leargas Security's dedication to nurturing a community where technology professionals can learn, collaborate, and excel in their respective fields. By coming on board as a sponsor for the Fall Meeting, Leargas Security reaffirms its commitment to investing in the growth and development of technology professionals.

The Confluence of Minds

The bi-annual meetings hosted by the Georgia EMC Technology Association have always been a hub of knowledge exchange and learning. These meetings stand as an avenue for technology enthusiasts and professionals to come together, sharing insights and discussing the emerging trends in the field of IT.

This Fall Meeting promises to be no different, with a rich program featuring co-curricular activities and training exercises aimed at honing the skills and knowledge of the participants. The aim is to mould more effective technology professionals who can contribute significantly to their respective member cooperatives.

Looking Ahead to a Fruitful Partnership

As we gear up for the highly anticipated event, we are confident that the partnership with Leargas Security will bring forth a new dimension of learning and expertise. Their support underscores the collective efforts to cultivate a community that strives for excellence and innovation in the technology domain.

Participants can look forward to an engaging and fruitful gathering where they can network with fellow professionals and learn from the experts in the field. The meeting is poised to be a landmark event that propels the mission of fostering professional growth to new heights.


We are at the cusp of witnessing yet another milestone event, an event where knowledge meets innovation, and professionals come together to shape the future of the technology sector.

Mark your calendars for September 20-22, and be ready to be part of a journey towards professional enrichment and growth. Together, we move towards a future where technology is not just an industry but a community of professionals working collaboratively towards a brighter and more secure tomorrow.