As the US renewable energy industry expands, it faces increased risks from malicious cyber actors aiming to disrupt power generating operations, steal intellectual property, or ransom critical information. The FBI's recent Private Industry Notification highlights the urgency for robust cybersecurity measures in this sector. At Leargas Security, we are committed to safeguarding this crucial industry with our comprehensive, scalable cybersecurity platform.


Addressing the Threats to Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector's rapid growth has created new targets for cyber threats. For example, in 2019, a denial-of-service attack on a solar asset operator resulted in the loss of visibility into 500 MW of wind and photovoltaic sites. This incident underscores the risks posed by outdated software and the critical need for up-to-date cybersecurity measures.


Cyberattacks on solar panel systems could target operational technology software and hardware, especially inverters that convert DC energy into AC electricity. Such attacks could reduce power output or cause battery storage inverters to overheat. While attacks on residential solar infrastructure are rare, targeting inverters at solar farms could lead to significant disruptions.


Our Recommendations for Enhanced Security

To combat these threats, we recommend several proactive measures:

Establish strong liaison relationships with local FBI Field Offices.

Regularly update incident response and communication plans.

Monitor network activity for unusual or suspicious traffic.

Update networks to patch security vulnerabilities promptly.

Report cyber intrusions and suspicious activities to law enforcement.

Evaluate risks from vendors and supply chain vulnerabilities.

Maintain offline, encrypted, and immutable backups of data.

Implement strong identity and access management practices, including phishing-resistant multifactor authentication.

Audit and configure access controls according to the principle of least privilege.

Segment networks to prevent the spread of ransomware and detect abnormal activity with network monitoring tools.

The Leargas Advantage

Our SOC-in-a-box approach and comprehensive cybersecurity platform are designed to protect organizations in the renewable energy sector from these evolving threats. By integrating all essential components of a Security Operations Center into one package, we provide a robust, scalable solution that saves time and resources while enhancing security.


At Leargas Security, we understand the unique challenges faced by the renewable energy industry and are dedicated to providing the tools and expertise needed to secure your operations. Learn more about how we can help protect your organization at Leargas Security.


Together, we can ensure the continued growth and safety of the renewable energy sector, safeguarding it from the persistent threats posed by malicious cyber actors.