iLéargas Security brings a proactive approach to threat detection and response. It delivers visibility across all data, including endpoint, network, cloud, and physical security data, while applying analytics and automation to address today’s increasingly sophisticated threats.

With the Léargas Security platform, cybersecurity teams can:

  • Track threats across any source or location within the organization, using Zeek, Suricata, EDR, and nearly any log source available.
  • Apply threat intelligence and behavioral-based detection across all sources of information, including Critical Path Security's threat intelligence feeds.
  • Track threats across any source or location within the organization, as well as in the cloud.
  • Increase the productivity of the people operating the technology, by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to rule out "false positives".
  • Get more out of their security investments, by consolidation.

The Léargas Security platform enables organizations to prevent successful cyberattacks, improve their security posture, and reduce risk, as well as simplify and strengthen security processes, through a seamless user interface that incorporates all physical and cyber intelligence.

Benefits -

  • Block attacks with endpoint protection with wire-level analysis: Block malware, exploits, and file-less attacks with integrated antivirus and real-time file analysis on the wire. No endpoint agent? No problem.
  • Gain visibility across all your data sources: Collect and correlate data from any source to detect, triage, investigate, hunt, and respond to threats.
  • Automated reports: Daily Security Log Review (DSLR) reports are automatically generated and provided to the team for daily review and record keeping.
  • Increase productivity: Consolidate security policy management and monitoring, investigation, and response across your physical, network, endpoint, and cloud environments in one pane of glass.
  • Shut down persistent advanced threats: Protect your network against insider attacks, extortion, ransomware, file-less and memory-only attacks, and zero-day malware.
  • Reduce fatigue and potential lost artifacts: Case management integration will directly integrate into Incident Response Platforms, such as IRIS, ServiceNow, and CyberCPR.
  • Trace malicious behavior from the badge swipe to the data exfiltration: Léargas Security correlates all behaviors that permits teams to get to the root cause of security events.