Why should I use Léargas Security for data leak detection?

Data leak detection is a technology that helps organizations identify and prevent the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive or confidential information. Léargas automates this process, by leveraging artifacts collected from live network traffic, and automatically scouring data leak sites for those artifacts. Using Natural Language Processing, discovery of data leaks can extend to nearly any part of the open web and dark web, even into social media.

So, why should your organization leverage this service?

  • Monetary Damage: Leaks of sensitive Intellectual Property, have become increasingly more common. With sensitive leaked information and more from Twitter, LastPass, Slack, WhatsApp, InfraGard, it's clear that no one is immune to a data leak.
  • Compliance: Many industries have strict regulations around the handling of sensitive information, and a data leak can result in significant fines and other penalties. Data leak detection can help organizations stay compliant by identifying and preventing unauthorized disclosures of sensitive information.
  • Reputation: A data leak can damage an organization's reputation, especially if it involves sensitive information such as customer data or financial records. Data leak detection can help organizations protect their reputation by identifying and preventing leaks before they occur.
  • Security: Data leaks can also compromise an organization's security, especially if they involve sensitive information such as passwords or login credentials. Data leak detection can help organizations to identify and prevent these types of leaks, which can help to protect against cyber attacks and other security breaches.
  • Cost: Data leaks can be costly, both in terms of the financial impact and the time and resources required to investigate and fix the problem. Data leak detection can help organizations identify and prevent leaks before they occur, which can help reduce the overall cost of data breaches.
Overall, data leak detection is an important tool for organizations that want to protect sensitive information, stay compliant, maintain a good reputation, and reduce the overall cost of data breaches.

With Léargas, data breach and leak detection is not a new service, platform, or product, that acts as an extension of your current defenses. The Léargas service is integrated and tied to the existing data flows and logs.

No extra keys.
No extra reports.
Just results.

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