NBC/11Alive News interviews Patrick Kelley regarding El Paso

"I'm worried that someone who read that manifesto might come to the church Sunday morning and find the quickest way to get to the stage," Patrick Kelley, the CEO of Léargas Security said.

"We just felt like we had to," Kelley said. "We are afraid to go to church. We are afraid to go to the grocery store. We are afraid to drop our kids off at school. And if we have some - any - way that we can make a change, we have to."

That's why he started "Léargas" with his business partners in November - to try and find those threats before they strike.

"This is one of those situations where you look around the world and say, 'it's terrifying. We have to do something'," he said.

That's why he and his group created the program that monitors sites like 8Chan, where the El Paso shooter posted the manifesto attributed to him. The idea is to get the information shooters post online to police before they have a chance to act.